GETC Group was established in 1993 by Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Al Mohannadi. GETC Group, which is well known as a versatile Civil & Infrastructure Contractor, offers a full range of services including: EPC Projects, Excavation, Site Development, Demolition, Grading, Delivery and Disposal of fill material. Our extensive fleet of Equipment enables us to provide a broad scope of services to a variety of clients in both the Public and Private markets.GETC Group Policy is based on Clients’ Satisfaction by executing Works according to the highest Standards of Quality and Safety, within the Time limit set by the Clients.GETC strives to achieve the above-mentioned policy and is succeeding in its goal which is proven by the list of our repetitive and prestigious Clients.  GETC Group is now elaborating and implementing procedures according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and is striving to obtain this International Quality Certificate by 3rd quarter of 2012.

Whether the project is large or small, difficult or routine, GETC Group have a deep grasp that enables it to complete satisfactorily all tasks and identify potential problems before they impact the project. GETC Group provides Strong Leadership, knowledgeable workforce and unmatched determination to help their Valuable Clients.GETC Group Management team has a diverse background bringing knowledge and experience to all areas of Civil & Infrastructure. GETC Group ability to build trustworthy relationships and unmatched Construction Services is the basis of the future growth of the Company.GETC Group Field Team has a large fleet of equipment and resources and they know how to get Projects completed on time and within budget. The continuous and planned Communication between Projects, Main office, and Clients allow GETC Group to adapt and act promptly according to the various Site requirements, locations, and schedules. We take pride in our commitment to Quality, Safety, Integrity and Innovation.


  • Assuring Clients’ Satisfaction by executing Works according to the highest Standards of Quality and Safety, within the Time limit set by the Clients.
  • Assigning qualified Technical & Administrative Team to eliminate the cause that may lead to unproductiveness, ineffectiveness & Safety Violation.
  • Monitoring, Evaluating & Continually improving the action plan as per work nature as well as HSE performance through Audits, Assessments and Training.
  • Harnessing our Assets & Resources to achieve Profitable Growth, Operational & Organizational Excellence.
  • Applying strong foresight, well organized Strategy and Execution of Solid & Systematic Plans for each & every Project.
  • Organization and Application of the Team Work Concept.
  • Embarking upon various projects with a systematic approach for improving the productivity of all its operations.


  • Steel Structure.
  • Light Gage Steel Structures (Via Frame CAD machines).
  • Normal (Wooden) & Fire-Rated Portable Cabins (Offices, Labor Camps, Villas, Majlis, Mosques, etc…) in single and multiple floors.
  • Hangars, Stores, etc…
  • Partitions and Ceiling Works.
  • Maintenance Works.